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A young couple, thrilled about purchasing their dream home nestled in the woods, wasted no time in preparing for their new chapter. Before moving in, they embarked on a transformative journey, updating the kitchen and laundry room, alongside a complete refresh of the entire house with fresh paint and light fixtures. This proactive approach allowed them to infuse their personal touch, ensuring their woodland haven was warm, inviting, and ready for their family's new adventures.





  • Location: Spartanburg, South Carolina

  • Project: Their comprehensive whole-house refresh revolved around the centerpiece: a spacious kitchen. Alongside this focal point, they directed attention towards updating the existing layout of the laundry room. Their efforts encompassed a fresh coat of paint and the installation of new lighting fixtures throughout the entire house. This approach ensured a cohesive and harmonious upgrade, making every corner of their home shine with renewed vibrancy and functionality.

  • Design Phase: The design approach centered on infusing the space with various shades of white and brass fixtures, aiming to create a light, airy feel at the heart of the home: the kitchen. Complementing this, the laundry room underwent a delightful transformation with light blue cabinets, fresh paint, updated countertops, and new fixtures. These thoughtful design choices harmonized to evoke a sense of brightness and elegance, elevating the entire home with a touch of refreshing sophistication.

  • Coordination and Management: Overseeing this time-sensitive project was essential, especially given the imminent move-in deadline. Through meticulous coordination and efficient organization, we adeptly customized the project to fit within their tight timeline without compromising on the quality or service provided. This accomplishment stemmed from thorough planning, ensuring every phase was seamlessly executed to meet their expectations within the set timeframe.

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