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In their newly acquired home, a bustling family of six sought to transform this outdated kitchen from its dark state into a more functional and inviting space. By taking the unused desk area and transforming it into a vibrant coffee bar, the kitchen remodel has emerged as the true centerpiece of their home.


  • Location: Moore, South Carolina

  • Project: In this project, we orchestrated a seamless collaboration with multiple contractors, overseeing the installation of countertops, cabinets, painting, electrical work, and implementing new finishes.

  • Design Phase: Collaborating closely with our client, we brought her vision to life—a fresh, bright white kitchen adorned with a bold island accented by brass accents and pristine white light fixtures. Our meticulous attention to detail ensured the seamless integration of these elements, culminating in a stunning kitchen that perfectly embodies her style and preferences.

  • Coordination and Management: Our streamlined company process was instrumental in efficiently completing this kitchen transformation in just a few weeks. This project exemplifies our commitment to delivering critical kitchen refreshes swiftly and effectively, showcasing our ability to offer this level of service to numerous satisfied clients.

"We had a wonderful experience with the entire team at Renew Home. They took my vision of a lighter brighter kitchen and exceeded my expectations from start to finish. Every contractor and designer that we came in contact with was extremely professional and courteous. Highly recommend!

-Laurie M.

Designing your new kitchen is an exciting journey, and partnering with an interior designer ensures that your dreams align seamlessly into a cohesive and beautiful design. If this collaborative process resonates with you, reach out to us today for a quote. Let's embark on creating the kitchen you've always envisioned!


Tomorrow Starts Today

The first step in any renovation is to turn your dream into a plan, which is something we're exceptionally good at.


Don't worry, you don't have to sign anything yet - just answer a few questions to get the ball rolling, and we'll walk with you every step of the way.

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