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This gorgeous renovation for a family of five with three active boys allowed them to embrace their fun, high energy lifestyle, in addition to a beautiful floral makeover for the guest bathroom, turning it into a vibrant escape for mom.



Photography by Larry Dzyubenko

  • Location: Spartanburg, South Carolina

  • Project: Whole house refresh focusing on kitchen, guest bathroom and entry update to create a more welcoming space.

  • Design Phase: Collaborated with homeowners to transform their vision into a specific set of materials and a comprehensive project timeline, ensuring a clear roadmap for the renovation.

  • Coordination and Management: Managed multiple industry professionals to synchronize efforts, including movers, demolition team, framers, HVAC, electrical experts, plumbing, hardwood floor refinishers, kitchen cabinet specialists, floor installers, drywall installers, finish carpenters, painters, and cleaners.

Each step in this extensive process contributes uniquely to the final result: a beautifully renovated home, meticulously crafted to merge functionality, aesthetics, and the homeowner's vision.

"Amazing reno experience!

Stuck to the timeline and love the results!"

-Katherine M.

Feeling inspired by this transformation? Let's bring those stunning ideas to life! Reach out to us today, and let's make your dream renovation a reality together.


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